Discover the Power of Power Words to Increase Sales

Discover the Power of Power Words to Increase Sales

The savvy instapreneur Discover the Power of Power Words to Increase Sales thesavvyinstapreneur

Using exclamation marks to show your excitement or attempting to stress urgency are a thing of the past and often times comes off unprofessional and/or too salesy.

To put it bluntly, exclamation marks give the impression of an over-excited child. 🤷 They are often not needed in your marketing content, product descriptions or anything that represents your brand for the most part. Trust, we have all fell victim to this, myself included. The overuse of exclamation marks is a dead giveaway that you have not hired a professional copywriter and you may appear to be beginner.  The good news is nobody has to know if you're a beginner or a pro and you don't have to hire a copywriter (unless you choose too of course). You can easily make the adjustments today to become your own copywriter (pro at rearranging words) and apply this technique to any of your future writing task.

So how can you get an exciting point across? POWER WORDS. Power words are words that smart copywriters use to trigger an emotional or psychological response. In my opinion, power words are more persuasive and tantalizing than exclamation marks.

For example,

  • Instead of saying: It's big! Try: It's enormous.
  • Instead of writing: That was brave! Try: That was heroic.
  • Instead of: She is beautiful! Try: She is breathtakingly beautiful.

In addition, try not to replace an exclamation mark with the word “very”. Very is bland and almost meaningless.

For example, “Heroic” is more powerful than “very brave”. 


  1. You: Write as if you were speaking directly to the customer. Make it about the reader, not about yourself.
  2. Because: Give customers a compelling reason to take action.
  3. Free: Don’t underestimate the appeal of “free.”
  4. Value: Highlight the value that customers receive for their money. “Cost” or “price” imply losing something – in this case, money.
  5. Guaranteed: Make readers feel they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  6. Amazing/incredible: Customers respond to something out of the ordinary. But be careful not to overuse these terms, or they lose their power.
  7. Easy: Let subscribers know how much easier life will be with your product or service, and then make it simple for them to take the next step in the purchasing process.
  8. Discover: Imply there is something new and unknown to the customer, something that offers distinct benefits and gives them an edge.
  9. Act now: Motivate an immediate response with a limited-time offer.
  10. Everything included/everything you need: Establish that your product or service is all your customers will have to buy in order to achieve their goal.
  11. Never: Use this to point out a “negative benefit,” such as “never worry again,” or “never overpay again.”
  12. New: Like “free,” “new” has the ability to make people sit up and take notice.
  13. Save: The best, clearest word to showcase monetary or time savings.
  14. Proven: Remind customers that your product, service or business is tried and true.
  15. Safe and effective: Minimize risk perception for health and monetary loss.
  16. Powerful: Let customers know that your business, product or service is robust.
  17. Real results: Everyone wants results.
  18. Secret: Is your product or service the secret to success? Let customers know you can reveal that secret.
  19. The: This implies your solution is the be-all and end-all. Consider the difference: “3 Solutions for Marketing Success” vs. “The 3 Solutions for Marketing Success.”
  20. Instant: Instant access or downloads are more appealing than waiting.
  21. How to…: Help your readers accomplish a challenging task or goal.
  22. Elite: Invite newbies to join the highly desirable club you’re hosting.
  23. Premium: Premium helps denote high quality.
  24. Caused by: If your email campaigns build a case for your product, transitional phrases such as “caused by,” “therefore” and “thus” reinforce the logic of a purchase.
  25. More: Do you offer more than your competitors? Show it.
  26. Bargain: Customers want a great deal.
  27. No obligation: Create a win-win situation for your customers.
  28. 100% money-back guarantee: Again, no risk.
  29. Huge: A large discount or outstanding offer is difficult to resist.
  30. Wealth: If you’re selling products and services related to money, wealth is a desirable word for customers.
  31. Complimentary: This works almost as well as “free.”
  32. Last chance: Inspire urgency.
  33. Now: No one likes to wait.
  34. Flash sale: Flash sales create urgency and a sense of being in the know on a great deal.
  35. Convenient: How will you make readers’ lives easier?
  36. Breakthrough: Stay on the cutting edge with new solutions customers haven’t seen before.
  37. Buy one, get one: It’s easy for customers to understand the value you’re offering.
  38. Thank you: Readers like to feel appreciated.
  39. Introducing: Let readers know they’re the first to hear about something.
  40. Join: Encourage readers to join a select community.

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