E-Commerce 2019: Niche Products You Can Sell Online with Little to No Competition

E-Commerce 2019: Niche Products You Can Sell Online with Little to No Competition
  • What e-commerce business can you start in 2019? 
  • What can I sell online and succeed?
  • How can I compete with bigger, established brands?
  • Is there anything else left to sell?

These are questions many dreamers are asking themselves because they assume everybody has already done everything. I get this question often. I have had this question myself. With so many businesses popping up here and there, it may seem impossible to find a market that isn't oversaturated. 

E-commerce isn't just about selling fashion and has tremendously evolved in recent years. With the rise of the e-commerce dropshipping business, you can eliminate shipping products and housing inventory, which helps out those with a  smaller budget and to test the market with low risk. According to Statista, 

In 2019, 63 percent of global internet users are expected to purchase products online. Digital buyer penetration is expected to surpass 65 percent of internet users worldwide in 2021 (meaning the e-commerce industry is set to evolve and expand) In 2016, the number of digital buyers worldwide reached 1.5 billion. A year later, the number rose to 1.66 million and forecasters expect over 2 billion online shoppers in 2020.

At the end of the day, it's all about marketing.

We dug deep to kill that voice in your head by finding a few niche products that are on the rise but still have a minimal online presence. Sometimes when you see something is bubbling, you have to jump on early so your business is established pre-saturation. That way, once everybody gets on trend, you will be the established business you were once intimidated by.

Please note, a saturated market does not mean you cannot compete and be the best brand I know you can be. Take something that's already been done and make it better, creating your own niche. However, around here, we like to think smarter-not harder so why not start where there is little, to no competition. Think outside of the box. 

Below are our top products to sell in 2019 with a few stats to back it up. 

  1. Subscription Boxes
  2. Eyeshadow Stamp/Eyebrow Stamp
  3. Inflatable Pet Collar
  4. Wireless Phone Chargers
  5. Phone Lenses
  6. Wifi Repeater

Subscription Boxes

the savvy instapreneur online business products to sell in 2019

In the past 5 years, the rise of subscription boxes has risen over 100 percent. With the recent expansion of this market, your best shot is to find a niche within a niche. For example, narrow products down to who you're targeting such as kids, single parents, moms-to-be, recently divorced, wedding, etc.

Photo: My Subscription Addiction

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Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Stamp

products to sell in 2019 ecommerce online business products to sell in 2019 ecommerce online business thesavvyinstapreneur

Unless you live under a rock, you know girls love makeup. The eyebrow stamp was introduced not too long ago and making moves in the business industry. Sell this product to MUA's, makeup lovers and millennials. People want things to be as easy and less time-consuming as possible. 

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Inflatable Pet Collar

inflatable dog collar what online ecommerce business product can I sell in 2019

Similar to neck pillows, cats and dogs can now enjoy their very own version called inflatable pet collars. They serve the same purpose as the cushioned neck pillows (protection from injuries to face or neck) we wear around our necks on airplanes or put on infants for car rides. This is a pet store necessity. The real question is, do we call our neck pillows "human collars" now? 

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 Wireless Chargers

list of niche products to sell in 2019 ecommerce wireless phone chargers

One of the next big thing's in the tech niche is the rise in sales of wireless phone chargers. People are simply getting fed up with regular, corded chargers and would rather be able to travel with their chargers.

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Phone Lenses

trending products to sell in 2019 camera phone lenses

Point blank, phone lenses help you take better photographs. Influencers and content creators would kill for this, you just have to let them know they need it. This is an easy product to market since millennials are obsessed with taking the perfect photo. Capitalize off a bubbling product. Popular dropshipping item. 

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Wifi Repeater

wireless repeater products to sell in 2019 online businesse ecommerce the savvy instapreneur

Entice your customers with extended Wifi range. Think about the Wifi service in hotels or apartments that reach to the pool, lounges, lobbies, etc. This is what a Wifi repeater can do for you in your home. Based on stats from Google Trends, these devices are also in high demand.

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What's Next?

Hopefully, you are able to get a good start with our list of forecasted products to boom in 2019. Get a jumpstart on a niche market and continue to check GOOGLE Trends for trending products and services. It will even narrow down what state each product is most popular in, age group and more.

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Thank you for this huge list of trending products to sell online. I think you have missed out some of the new products that I have seen in this article https://wpitech.com/trending-products-to-sell-online/. It would be awesome if you could update your list with more trending products that as dropshipper/store owners we can sell online.


The was very helpful. I’m really interested in the phone lenses. I know this is a hot ticket item on the rise with so many influencers on social media. Thanks for thinking outside the box with these items! 💕


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