how to schedule instagram posts for free using later. Free auto post instagram scheduler

How To Schedule and Auto-Post your Instagram Feed for Free!

 how to schedule instagram posts for free using later. Free autopost instagram scheduler

Trust us, when just starting out a business, it can become overwhelming to continuously upload to your social media every day. Especially if your business is a  side-hustle and you work a 9-5 on top of things. 

We have searched high and low for Instagram schedulers and found a great tool that you can use for FREE. Most Instagram auto-post sites allow a Free Trial period, however, Later is one of the only site's we were able to find that remains Free Forever. 



  • Free Forever
  • 30 posts per month (in addition, you can post manually)
  • One account per Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (total 4 accounts)
  • Can guarantee you post at least one post per day


  • Only 30 posts per month (50 for Twitter)
  • No video posts
  • No stories posts
  • One photo per post
  • Limited Analytics

To be honest, the cons are essentially not necessary for your startup, considering this is a FREE VERSION. The point is to be able to at the least guarantee you have something posted to your social media accounts a minimum of once a day. When posting manually, if you do not have a dedicated person, sometimes a day or can go by between posts, killing your engagement. If you do forget to post in addition to a scheduled post, at the worst, you have already posted at least one photo. 

Setting Up. The setup is very easy and there are many helpful, user-friendly tools to help you along the way.

As a small business startup, we understand your main goal is to cut costs wherever you can. This is a great way to cut costs and time, but understand that the FREE version does not in any way compare to Later's Paid Versions. Our suggestion, start off Free and Personal. As you grow, we suggest moving up to the paid versions to increase posts and unlock features unavailable on the Free version. 

View Later's Pricing Here

Some cool features included on the paid version include: 

  • stories
  • multi-photo posts
  • video posts
  • up to unlimited scheduled posting on all platforms
  • hashtag suggestions
  • tag locations and users
  • Detailed analytics
  • extra customer support
  • and more...

Why should you schedule your Instagram posts

  • Guarantees you have at least one photo/caption posted once per day
  • Able to preview/create a cohesive aesthetic 
  • Only need to schedule once and let it do its work 
  • Save hours of time
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