How-To Write a Business Plan in Less than an Hour

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Business plans are very important and very time-consuming. It should be dynamic and can be written on the go as you grow your business. It can take hours, days and even months to complete, but we have created a short, basic list to create a business plan in less than an hour.  Once you have the basics established, we suggest replacing your boutique details with some of the free business plan templates from bplans to make it more formal.

>> Check out this great example of a business plan, condensed into a elevator pitch. The boutique owner sums up everything about their business in a paragraph.


  • What’s the name of your boutique?
  • What will you sell?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • What makes your boutique different and stand out amongst your competition


  • What is the average price range for your store’s products?
  • How will you accept payments?
  • What is your budget for: initial purchasing and marketing?


  • How will customers learn of your business?
  • How will you get returning customers?
  • What social media platforms will you be targeting?
  • Explain the basics of your marketing plan


  • What type of shipping offered?
  • How will you handle returns/exchanges/refunds?
  • What mail carrier will you primarily use to ship your products?
  • What vendors will you be using?
  • Will packaging be plain or custom?

Measuring Success

When you reach these numbers, you are successful

  • Number of paid customers:
  • Number of orders processed:
  • Predicted Annual Income:



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