What the heck is an Instapreneur?

I consider myself The Savvy Instapreneur. However, I'm moreso an instapreneur that's savvy. 

Let me break it down.

  • Savvy: shrewd (having or showing sharp powers of judgment) and knowledgeable, well informed about or experienced in a particular subject
  • Instaprenuer: an entrepreneur or home-based business that markets, creates awareness and sells through Instagram.

what is an instapreneur? definition of instapreneur sell on instagram the savvy instapreneur

Meaning, tons of people are instapreneurs by my definition. Especially, if you are reading this. This word is not in Webster's so there are a few definitions floating around essentially saying the same thing, but unofficial. I'm of course biased, however, you may also see online the definition of Instapreneur as: 

An individual who uses eBay, Amazon and other online retail outlets to promote products that would otherwise be too costly to advertise. - PC Mag

This works too because although I promote using Instagram most, there is no limit to the online retail outlets you can use to sell your products on (as well and build additional links to your store aka backlinks). 

**How cool would it be that if we do get it in Websters though?

I specifically chose my name to differentiate myself from other instapreneurs and attract skeptical people that are curious about what makes me so "savvy".  I consider myself "savvy" because of my own experience with selling products from scratch and using Instagram to promote and obtain followers that converted to customers (including this one). 

Are you an instapreneur or do you want to become one? There is more than enough room for everyone at the Instagram Table. Leave a comment below.

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