4 Things to Keep in Mind when Creating a Size Chart

A size chart is a must-have for any ecommerce boutique/clothing website. This can have a part in making or breaking a sale if you do not have one. This also is a way of showing you run a professional business. There are a few things you should try to include on your size chart in order to keep your questions and returns at a minimum.

Make Sure Your Sizes are Easily Understood

If your clothing comes in small, medium, and large, for example, you will also want to provide comparable numerical sizes, such as sizes 8 to 10 for medium or 12 to 14 for large. If you want to take it a step further, you can include waist, chest and hip measurements as well. Always make sure you include all of the sizes you sell on your site and create multiple sizing charts as needed. If you plan to sell internationally, be sure to include the conversion sized for additional countries.

*Tip: if selling a "one size fits all" item, use "one size fits most" to cover yourself

Example from Sorella and Mudpie

Add a Link to the Size Chart on Every Product (& Footer) 

If a customer is interested in a product, it's a hassle for them to search everywhere on your site for the sizing guide. Remember, user-friendliness and customer experience is crucial for your website. The best way to share sizing information is to include it on the product page, have a link that creates a pop-up on the screen or takes you directly to the product sizing guide.

Example from Fashionnova.com

Be Willing to Accept Returns and/or Exchanges

Having a flexible and clear return policy can increase customer confidence that even if they order a product that doesn’t fit quite right, they’ll be able to seamlessly get the correct size via exchange or their money back via refund. Unless you are selling custom products, there is little to no reason a person cannot at the least exchange or get store credit for an item received that they are not satisfied with. You can lose out on potential customers by not allowing for returns.

Add Sizing to Customer Reviews

Customers who’ve purchased a piece of clothing from your business can help you close more sales by sharing their experience through a customer review. This is a huge advantage, especially when it comes to fit. A customer can include the size they purchases and optional photo, giving potential customers an idea or the how the garments fit on different body types with honest opinions.

Example from Shein.com

The bottom line is...

a size chart is a win-win for both you and the customer. Your customer will be happy with their purchase, you’ll be happy with less sizing returns and you’ll increase your chances of a customer returning for another purchase. 

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