How To Name Your Scrub Line Business

If you’re thinking about starting your very own medical scrubs business, now is the time! The business is booming and will continue to grow in a very secure industry.

A critical step in making your scrubs line successful is by coming up with a good business name. Two things we recommend you keep in mind while starting your own scrubs business is:

  • Think of a catchy name or play on words to grab potential customers attention. 
  • Be sure to include “scrubs” in your business name. This will eliminate any confusion of who you are and what you sell. 

To get your wheels turning, here’s some business name ideas for a scrubs line or scrubs business:

  • The Original Scrubs -
  • The Nurses Suite - 
  • Scrubs and Things -
  • A+ Medical Scrubs -

All of the above names are available, as well as the matching domain. In addition, you can always name your business “scrubs by your name”. Naming fatter yourself is especially great if your brand intends on embroidering your scrubs or you make them yourself. *Adding a city, state or country to the name is also a great addition if applicable.

Good luck with your scrubs business. Get a list of our favorite scrubs vendors free in this blog post. 

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