11 Easy Ways to Increase Your Online Sales ASAP

11 Easy Ways to Increase Your Online Sales ASAP online boutique Center

Take a look at these best practices for getting more sales in your online boutique ASAP!

  1. PayPal should always be an option for customers to pay for their items. You will be surprised how many stores miss out on sales just for that reason. Be sure to sign up for a business account. Get a business PayPal account here 
  2. Add Afterpay or Sezzle to your shop as an option to purchase in payments. This will increase your order value and you still get the full amount upfront (minus a small fee).
  3. Offer discounts for signing up for your newsletter. This is pretty much expected from potential customers on every website. Most online shoppers are coupon hunters these days. 
  4. Add a loyalty/rewards program. Build loyalty with customers by giving them something in exchange for doing a few things like creating an account, following your social media, referring a friend, and ordering. Works out for both you and the customer.
  5. Reward customers with a coupon/discount for leaving a review. Reviews are critical these days thanks to sites like Amazon. You probably have read them at some point, so expect customers to want to read them. Your site should be no different. Encourage reviews by offering a small incentive.
  6. Always pack orders with a flyer offering a discount on their next purchase. Again, we all want a discount, so including one in your customer's package can prove to increase the chances of them returning for another purchase. Don't miss out on this easy one. *Adding an expiration date is optional 
  7. Boost your returning customer rate with custom packaging. The unboxing experience is a rush to many people, therefore, show your customer you care about that experience.  Besides, they can't walk into your online store. This is your chance to give your brand personality. You may even get tagged unexpectedly in an unboxing video that you can share with your followers. Several people will want that rush again and will gladly order again with 0 hesitation.
  8. Set up automated emails for your newsletter to keep consumers aware of your business. Stay in your potential and current customers face as much as possible. This includes social media, but especially email. Offer exclusives to subscribers and encourage current customers to come back. Don't leave your subscribers hanging and they forget you exist.
  9. Post customer photos, reviews and testimonials on your social media profiles (Social proof). Sometimes (if not all the time) you have to show people better than you can tell them. Repost users in your brand, reviews, etc. on both social media, your website and emails. This not only proves your a legit company, it gives new consumers confidence and comfort to order from you. Many people have been scammed, so attracting new customers can be harder without proving others enjoy your brand. Even if you have to host a giveaway to get people in your products in the beginning or recruit your family/friends - get some photos of real people in your brand. Just using stock photos for promotion is not going to cut it in 2020.
  10. Add upsells and exit-intent popups. Add an app to your store if applicable (recommend: Globo Upsell in Shopify and Optimonk for exit intents). Upsells are a great way to increase the order value for your store. Upsells can be similar products or a low price product to "add on". Exit intents capture a consumers attention just as they're about to leave your store. Offer a great deal or discount to save a sale.
  11. Start an affiliate program. Let people promote for you in return of a small percentage of the sales. This can be current customers or someone just interested in making extra cash. Either way, you win. Similar to affiliates, you can also hunt for brand ambassadors/influencers that you can work out deals with to promote your clothing in exchange for a large discount or 1-2 free products a month. They can even get their own discount code to promote so you can keep track of their efforts. *Giving away free stuff can get costly so be sure you can afford this route. The best affiliate program to add to Shopify and any provider is GoAffPro (free). 

I hope you enjoyed those tips and are able to apply some of them today!

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