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learn how to write a great, keyword rich product description that gets you more sales and traffic for your online boutique to grow fast! online boutique center

If you have ever wondered if people read product descriptions, yeah, many of us do. Some people see an item that they "must-have" and could care less about description verbiage, while some people read all the specs to determine the value they're getting for their money. Not only do potential customers read product descriptions, so does Google and other search engines in order to rank your website in search results. 

Shopify sums up the purpose of a product description as: 

"A product description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it’s worth purchasing. The purpose of a product description is to supply customers with important information about the features and benefits of the product so they’re compelled to buy."

Product descriptions serve two purposes. To give a description of the item for potential customers and to increase your ranking in search engines. Customers can not touch or try on your products, so painting a picture with as much detail as possible can increase their trust that they are purchasing a product that they won’t have to return. Your description should include keywords (SEO) related to the product to increase your chances of being found on Google and providing the exact style someone was searching for.

We have already did the hard part for you. We have created a template for tops, dresses, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories and more. Get all of our premade product descriptions broken down by product type here. Get recommended keywords and more included with each template. Keep reading below to get our basic description styles.

How can a product description increase traffic?

Between a keyword-rich blog and keyword-rich product descriptions, your traffic should dramatically increase because Google will start showing your site to more eyes when they search. You don’t have to pay a single dime to write good product descriptions. For example, when a user searches for a "long sleeve black rhinestone dress". Besides the product title, if all of these keywords are present in your product description as well, your chances of being found in the search is dramatically increased. As more and more people view it, it will continue to race to the top of search rankings giving you a steady flow of traffic.

Although writing product descriptions can be time-consuming, it is highly recommended you use a keyword-rich product description to get the most traffic and sales.  The hood thing about product descriptions is that you can normally create a template and reuse forever. Simply plug and play relevant keywords describing the products, copy and paste. 

The Basic Product Description Styles

  • Bullet point style
  • Short Sentence style (show off personality)
  • Paragraph style
  • Mix of paragraph and bullet points

What to include in your product description (as applicable)

  • the type of material product(s) made of
  • weight, length
  • items to pair with product (great for upsell and increasing total order value)
  • color
  • the size the model is wearing
  • how the item fits (true to size, small, big, etc)
  • other color options available
  • a sentence describing the product and/or what to pair with it (Optional)

    Free Product Description Template

    The below are two “dress” product template styles included in our product description templates bundle. Get similar premade templates with tons of tips for tops, jumpsuits, shoes, denim, accessories and more.

    Bullet point style for dresses

    This [color or print] dress features:

    • [type of] neckline
    • [short/long/maxi/midi] length
    • [loose/fitted] silhouette
    • [short/long/sleeveless] sleeves 
    • [zip/button/snap] closure
    • Material: 
    • Stretchy  [if applicable]
    • Split/Slit [if applicable]
    • Type of fit [true to size/fits big/fits small/order a size up, etc]
    • [extra details]

    Sentence/Paragraph style for dresses

    Show off your curves in this [color/print] [length] dress! This [sleeve type] dress features a [stretchy] [material], [neckline], [closure type], and [split, if applicable] (add additional details as applicable).

    You can use or remove details as applicable to the product. Reuse these template over and over.

    Tip: Be sure you have checked for spelling and grammar errors. I personally use the Free web extension Grammarly to automatically check for spelling and grammatical errors and recommend suggestions. Their Free version works great and is highly recommended, but of course the premium version unlocks more features. 

    In our premade product description templates, you get:

    • Templates in multiple styles, broken down by product type
    • get common materials, sizes and terms used in descriptions 
    • get a list of recommended keywords to use, broken down by product type
    • get lists that include sleeve lengths, necklines, zipper closures, etc. 
    • easily copy/paste

    This product pays for itself over and over again. It will eliminate so much time and make your site look professional.

    Get inspired from other fashion websites

    Visit several fashion websites with their own unique styles of product descriptions and see if any of them works for your brand. 

    Click Here to Get our product description templates


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