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SEO (search engine optimization) is the best way to get FREE, organic traffic to your website. When a user enters keywords or phrases into Google's search engine, you want your website to come up first (or at the least on the first page). There is a ton of competition out there, so you will need to be clever with your SEO strategies to target the customers you want, and need for your business to grow. Once your business gets favored Google algorithm - your hardwork with SEO will begin paying off. 

A little more info about the Google Algorithm…

Google takes into consideration several pieces of your website when determining how high to rank you in search results. Our SEO guide for boutique owners explains everything. Let’s briefly go over a few things Google looks at:
  • load time - the faster, the better
  • keywords - text found in titles, image alt text, product descriptions, categories, tags, blog posts, blog contents, about us page, etc. Learn how to get keywords for your site in the SEO Guide for Boutiqueowners
  • user-friendliness - a great website keeps consumers on your site longer. 
  • organic clicks - clicks directly from a Google search
  • direct traffic - clicks from consumers typing in your website, clicking on a link in your bio
  • image alt text - text added to images (in the background) 
  • Google place - if you have a brick-and-mortar store, your business should be listed on Google
Again, the more times that one of your website links is clicked on, the higher your rankings grow each time. It may take some time to do some of these things, but the results and increase in sales make it 100% worth it.
Check out some easy techniques you can start now. 
  • Create a fashion blog on your site. Include keywords and links back to your products and collections (#1 way to increase traffic)
  • If possible, compress all images/videos to decrease loading time.
  • "Get indexed" . Submit a sitemap to Google and Bing (Yahoo) to increase traffic. To create a sitemap, visit Find out how to submit your website to in our SEO GUIDE FOR BOUTIQUE OWNERS
  • Add ALT tags to all Images to increase traffic. Many consumers search google images for fashion inspiration and can easily stumble across your site here. Most of us are visual learners right? Humans are visual learners. Click Here to Learn More
  • Use keyword-rich product descriptions and product titles to increase web traffic. Learn more about creating the perfect product description here
  • Use keywords in Anchor Text vs. "click here” or “shop now". For example, use "grab our hottest dresses now" vs. "Shop now”
  • Start leaving your website url and brand name on numerous reputable forums, blogs and more. This will increase your backlinks, thus making your website appear reputable. 
  • Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to determine your most searched keywords and pages visited. You can use this to your advantage for future descriptions. 
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews. This will show up in search results. A high star ranking ccould get more people to click on your site vs. the next
  • If you also have a brick and mortar, be sure to get your business address and contact information listed on Google, Yelp and other popular sites that garner local search results.
  • Start an affiliate program. This will both generate more sales and increase backlinks that link back to your site
  • Optimize Your Title Tag. Your title should include a keyword or two related to the product you are selling. (Unique thing about boutiques - many brands use names or phrases for product titles. This is acceptable, but note that you are losing valuable traffic. We suggest waiting until after your business is established and blooming to do this type of titling.
  • Always include social integrations on your product pages for people to share your products and generate more organic traffic. - Neil Patel
  • Determine popular categories, product titles, blog ideas and more by using related suggestions on Google. For example, when you type in "yellow blouse", maybe use one of the related suggestions for a product name or blog post content. That is literally what people are searching for this and to narrow down your pool.
  • Use video content to increase organic traffic. If a potential customer can watch a video explaining a product or service beforehand, 73% of them are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Include phrases like “Free Shipping” and “On Sale” to maximize your page Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Use 301-redirects for expired and discontinued products. The redirect will point to a new product page and all SEO value will transfer to the new page.

We go over these things and give you some blog title examples to use that will give you a HUGE boost in traffic here

Have a question? Hit us up in the comments! 

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