Six of My Favorite Free Mobile Apps for Online Boutiques (and any online business)

There are hundreds of thousands on mobile apps that you can find in your mobile phone's app store. When you look up one thing, at least 10 others come up promising to all do the same. In most cases, I personally download at least two of them (if they aren't a specific brand i.e. Instagram, Facebook). I play around with both and determine which one is the most user-friendly, has the least ads and works the best for my needs. I then of course delete the latter.

I made a quick list consisting of six apps I use practically everyday. Many days I am using all six. Each of these apps are great for your online boutique, but can be used in any type of business. So, let's dive in.


Canva Graphics App Online Boutique CenterCanva has quickly became one of the most sought after graphics app and a go-to for millions of business owners. The app continuously evolves for consumers, now allowing videos and GIFS to be used in creative content. In addition, they have added a background remover (my favorite tool) that is perfect for online boutiques wanting to remove busy backgrounds and/or creating photoshop-esque content. 

Canva offers both a Free version and and a Paid Version. Don't get me wrong, the free version is absolutely amazing and gets the job done. However, the Pro version is jam-packed with additional branding and business tools that will assist you with organizing, better stock photos and the ability to take your creative content to the next level. They offer a very well put together mobile app so that you are able to create and edit on the go as well. I highly recommend as a businessowner to go for the Canva Pro. It is an investment that you won't regret and it starts at only $9.95 per month (less than Netflix and Amazon Prime).

Use my link to Try Canva Pro for 30 Days FREE! If you are already using Canva's free version, at the least experience the difference with the pro version. If you thought Canva was already amazing, you will lose your mind when you unlock tons more tools. I couldn't believe the app could get any better than it already was. *I would sign up for the app online first, since there is a desktop version that is used most and then later download the apps.

Story Saver

Story Saver App for Andoid and iOs Online Boutique CenterThis is another great app for online businesses. The story saver app is a great tool for saving Instagram stories in their best format. If you were to screen record a story, it would have the username at the top, the dashes along the top showing the number/length of videos, messaging options along with the comment field at the bottom. This is a bit tacky if you are looking to repost the story to your page. Consumers love unboxing and love to show off their recently purchased products. This is a great app to repost user content from their story whether it is a photo or video.

Story Saver App for Instagram Screenshot Online Boutique Center

Using Story Saver is a great way to capture these videos in a much cleaner way than screen recording. You can always tag the person in the video, but all of the extra is not shown directly on the video.

Download Story Saver Android iOS


Planoly app for Instagram Online Boutique CenterIt can get a bit overwhelming to stay consistent with posting to social media. Unlike Facebook, you aren't able to schedule posts ahead of time through the app. You can save a few your drafts but I have seen them disappear on occasion after switching back to my personal page, then back to my business page. Unless I plan to post all of my drafts in the same day within a few hours of each other, I'd rather turn to my favorite scheduling app Planoly.

What makes this app special besides the fact that you can plan your posts ahead of time, you can arrange your posts in a aesthetically pleasing manner. Meaning, you can upload as many posts, multi-posts and videos as you want and then arrange them in any kind of order that look appealing to a consumer viewing your timeline in the profile view. You can also pre-schedule your stories and visually plan your posts on the website as well. *The website and app connect directly to each other.

Planoly App for Instagram Screenshot Online Boutique Center

You have the choice to either have the app auto-post for you or schedule the times and get a reminder to post at that time set. I prefer to post myself because Instagram can get really picky on outside apps posting content. Instagram is very strict and pro-organic posting, liking, following and unfollowing. (or possibly get shadowbanned). However, many business go ahead and have the app auto-post for them. One of the perks of auto-posting is the stats that the app tracks on the post. The reminders work great for ME. The captions are already pre-written with hashtags, all I have to do is manually SUBMIT the post/video to my feed.

Download Planoly Android iOS

Facebook Page Manager

Facebook Pages Manager App Online Boutique CenterCreating the Facebook Page Manager app was one of the best things Facebook could have done. I literally despise having to go through my Facebook app to get to my store's page or groups. For one, I get easily distracted with the notifications on my personal page. LOL! I then get caught up on my feed and next thing you know, I'm an hour or two in on my personal page and haven't began to do what I needed to do with my business page. But even those times I don't get distracted, it just seems like too many steps to get there.

Facebook pages manager app Online Boutique Center

With this app, it goes directly to my page. Simple as that. Any posting, messaging, etc. that you want to do can be done right there in the app. No distractions - all business. 

Download Facebook Pages Manager Android iOS


Regram repost app for Instagram Online Boutique CenterThis app name speaks for itself. Reposting content is a very common practice on social media. Whether you are retweeting, sharing or reposting on Instagram - it's something businesses and people do on a regular basis. In this case we are referring to reposting content on Instagram specifically. People and businesses reposts quotes, graphics, videos and other content to boost their engagement and show off their products in use. 

Repost App for Instagram screenshot Online Boutique Center

You will automatically want to show off your customers that are wearing or using or using your product, so a good repost app is essential to your business.I personally prefer Repost apps that do not have the watermarks on the photos. It is not aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, but it's not the worst thing ever either. There are tons of repost apps out there for you to choose from. I have one recommended below that does not place the watermarks on the photo (I would give the user credit in the caption/tag them), however, it does still give you the option to place it there if you'd like. 

Download Repost Android iOS

Quickbooks for Self-Employed: Mileage and Expense Tracker

quickbooks self employed app online boutique centerQuickbooks has been around for ages. Anything that has been around for ages must be worth something right? Well this app certainly is. The quickbooks for self-employed: mileage and expense app is an easy way to keep up with your mileage and all other expenses related to your online boutique business. Put more money in your pocket during IRS tax season with this convenient mile tracker, expense tracker, invoice generator and tax deductions estimator.

quickbooks self employed app screenshot online boutique center

The best part is, most things can be done automatically. For example, the mileage tracker connects to your phone's GPS to maximizing mileage tax deductions. As far as expenses, you can easily connect your business bank account (optional) for automated tracking plus you can scan receipts to keep on file. 

Download Quickbooks Self-Employed Android iOS

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