Free Packaging Vendor List for Fashion Boutiques

The packaging experience for your customers is just as important as the product itself these days. The better your packaging, the higher the chances will be that a user shares their opening process with social media and can increase the chances of shopping with you again. Show you care and put the human behind your (online) business by trying to add a little extra umph where you can. 

Custom packaging can get pricey depending on how deep you want to get with branding, however, there are several shortcuts you can learn about here to save money and/or save money with low-cost packaging vendors. 

Online Boutique Center has put together a great vendor list for fashion boutiques that want to save the most money, but still want to create a unique experience for their customers. All vendors on this list can be found on Aliexpress. We created this list so that you don't have to go through 1000s of vendors on the Aliexpress site, giving you hours back to do other things in your business. There is a mix of simple boutique packaging and custom boutique packaging.

Outer Packaging

Poly Mailers

Keep your products safe with quality outer packaging. Most online boutiques use poly mailers (padded and non-padded) or boxes to ship their products to customers. Make your outer packaging stand out by mixing colors, designs, logos, etc.

Packaging Boxes


Inner Packaging Bags (for placing products in)

When a customer opens a package, the item is normally in another package, in between tissue paper or similar. A professional business will need this to give an additional layer of protection from damage and dust as well as gaining another chance to impress customers with branding. 

Thank You Stickers and Cards

Of course, you want to thank your customers for ordering with your business. If you don't' have time to come up with a creative design yourself, get premade thank you cards and stickers to get started. Once you decide on a design you love, invest in some logo stickers or branded stickers that stand out.

Thank You Stickers

Thank You Cards

Custom Thank You Stickers/Cards

Miscellaneous Packaging Supplies

Depending on how deep you want to dive into giving customers the ultimate package opening experience, here are some additional affordable supplies you can add to your business.





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