Free Social Media Templates and Growth Strategies for Online Boutique Owners

Being an online boutique owner can be stressful, but the reward is more than worth it. You have to wear many hats - website designer, content creator, order wholesale inventory, creative packaging and grow your business on social media all at the same time. 

Whew, just listing those out sound like a lot and not even the half. We have decided to make things a lot easier on you in the social media/content creating department with our Social Media Boss Bundle Pack curated specifically for online boutique owners looking to grow their social media accounts and turn their followers into customers. Hiring an a social media manager may not be in your budget. That can range anywhere from $300-2000 per month!

Our FULL Social Media Boss Bundle consists of the following:

 PREMADE SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES - Get engaging, premade social media graphics and editable social media templates. Easily replace photos, fonts, text and brand colors as applicable. 
FILL-IN-THE-BLANK CLOTHING CAPTIONS - Get 100s of engaging, clothing captions ready to paste to your product posts on Instagram
 HASHTAGS - 600+ (and growing) fashion and boutique hashtags curated for online boutiques. Hashtags are categorized by type and are great for growing getting more likes and follows by targeting your audience.

 APP DIRECTORY - Get access to the best mobile apps around for creating content on-the-go that attracts new customers. Create videos, GIFs, repost user content, etc.

 INSTAGRAM GROWTH STRATEGY GUIDE - Get the latest tips and techniques for creating a powerful Instagram strategy that increases sales and builds a community. 

 PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Ask questions anytime and network with other members. We will be creating engagement groups that encourage members to follow each other and like posts. Also will include monthly challenges to keep you motivated.

 CONTINUED EDUCATION - Get the latest tips and techniques on an ongoing basis via the Social Boss Club Newsletter. Also get helpful worksheets, templates and access to videos that are targeted for growing paying followers.

You won't find anything like this online and we are proud to be the first to offer it to you!




Take a sneak peek inside of the full bundle with our FREE Social Media Boss Bundle Starter Pack.

free social media boss bundle starter pack  for online boutique owners Click Here to Download



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