How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

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Did you know you can control the Instagram algorithm? That's right, YOU.

Instagram analyzes every move you make. What you post, the caption, the quality of the post, how you interact with followers, number of times your post is shared, are you engaging with other accounts similar to your page or relevant content, etc. That's not counting the number of shares and reposts that boost your visibility.

Move strategically on Instagram so that you control who can see your posts. The goal is to reach new followers that actually CARE about what you are sharing and increases your engagement. There is no point in spending hours creating amazing content for it not be seen by people that you can potentially turn into customers.

Below are a few simple tips/strategies to help YOU control the algorithm and Target your audience accordingly.

👉 Interact with the people who already follow you (like and comment on their posts)

👉 Respond to as many comments as possible (at the least “like” the comment; the bigger your audience, the tougher it is to respond to everyone)

👉 Search for and Interact with people who don’t follow you, but have the same interests as you (even if they do not follow you, you at least got your name out there)
👉 Like and comment on the right photos/accounts: Instagram analyzes what you do - if your account is about FOOD but you keep liking DOG photos, your food account will be shown to dog lovers - they might not be that interested in your posts and therefore you won’t “grow” your account)
👉 Use the right HASHTAGS: Hashtags connect you to communities and trending topics (keep them relevant and try to use them throughout the post, not always at the end only/)
👉 Be consistent: Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. We encourage taking breaks from social media, but if you haven't noticed, Instagram doesn't like that and interaction dramatically reduces. Your best bet is to take only a few minutes a day to interact with people or start planning your timeline feed in advance to same time and stress.



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