Use this Instagram Hack to Beat the Algorithm and Grow Your Followers

This is the Instagram hack that just keeps on giving. 

Growing an Instagram is not easy in 2021. The algorithm seems to be working against you and the effort you put in may not seem to be paying off when you are just getting started. However, this hack is the ultimate hack that pretty much guarantees you gain followers. I guess you want to know what that is by now huh? Okay, the best hack to gaining followers fast on Instagram is...


How do you do this? Easy - here's a few ways:

  • Follow their followers 
  • Like their followers pics
  • Comment on their followers pics
  • Follow/Like/Comment on follower pages that comment on their pics
  • Follow/Like/Comment on pages that liked the pic/video

Start off by interacting with about 100 people per day. You will start to gain a percentage of followers, start getting more likes and possibly comments. Be sure to interact with them once they come to your page and post regular content for your new followers. 

You can repeat this with multiple accounts because these people have shown some level of interest in the products you carry since they are following your competitors.

The key to beating the Instagram algorithm is consistency and engagement. If you consistently post and engage with users, your page will grow. Maybe not as fast at first, but eventually you will begin to get followers overnight if you trust the process.

Think of what your doing as advertising, cold call marketing. You are basically letting these people know you exist and carry what they like. Customers don't just float to you in the online world, it is up to you to take the initiative to let people know about your business. This hack is a great way to get your business name/brand in conversations with people that did not know who you were yesterday.

Try interacting with 100 people a day found on your competitors Instagram and let us know how this works for you in the comments. 

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