Free lashes vendor list

2022 Free Lash Vendor List

If you are looking to start a lash business, we got the best vendors to help get you started for less. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to start selling lip gloss today. 

Why Get Lashes on Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a great choice for launching your lip gloss business. Get all of the tools you need in one spot. Get the best lip gloss bases, lip gloss packaging, lip gloss logo stickers and more. 

Here is our list of free lash vendors and lash packaging for your lash business

 MOONLY STORE - Starting at $9.12 for 10; includes lashes, tools and bag. Get it Here

 FOXY FANMI - Starting at $39.42 for 50; includes lashes, custom logo box and color choice of organza bag. Get it Here 

FOXY FANMI - Starting at $3.46 for 10. Get it Here

 Beautiful Lash Store - Starting at $1.89 for 1. Get it Here

 Lodo - Starting at $19.99 for 20. Get it Here

ombre lashes Eyewin - Starting at $1.85 (ombre lashes). Get it Here

 Dococer - Starting at $2.30. Get it Here

Get our FULL LASH VENDOR LIST HERE for only $10. Use code: Lash19 at checkout  




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