Why Should I Purchase a Wholesale Vendor List?

If you are a boutique owner that does it all, anything time-consuming you can do to get off your plate is a must. Outsourcing is critical for those tasks that take up a lot of time such as searching high and low for inventory that's actually offering cute styles. 

One of the top time-consuming things to do as a boutique owner is finding a quality wholesale vendor. If you are the boutique that wants to offer the same styles seen on websites like Fashion Nova, Chic Couture, Posh by V, Pretty Little Things, etc. - you are going to really have to dig to get some of those "discreet" vendors. Lucky for you, we have connected with several wholesale vendors that offer high-quality, trendy pieces. And the best part of all, we are not charging you $100 for this list - our vendor lists start at only $24

Why Should You Purchase a Vendor List


Again, it is all about keeping you sane and not overworked as an entrepreneur. Online Boutique Center is dedicated to removing one less time-consuming thing off your plate with our top-knotch wholesale vendor lists. We have already located all of the vendors on the lists, researched their history, read numerous reviews and may or may not have ordered from some of the vendors ourselves for random testing.

View our wholesale vendor lists here

If you are searching for USA wholesale vendors and suppliers, you came to the right place. In addition, there are a few trustworthy overseas vendors included as well. We have weeded out any questionable or low quality vendors for you and compiled lists of high quality vendors. Instead of you searching through Google for hours on end - try one of our vendor lists that has all of the top vendors in one spot.

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What Vendor Lists Does Online Boutique Center Offer

Each of the vendors in our lists are handpicked. We also take submissions to create new vendor list categories as they come, based on popularity. Visit the wholesale vendor library and find your wholesale vendor list.

Online Boutique Center is proud to offer the following vendor lists:

  • women
  • plus size
  • men
  • children
  • shoes
  • swimwear
  • denim
  • jewelry
  • fitness
  • sleepwear and lingerie
  • adult toy and novelty
  • hair
  • lashes
  • and more coming soon...

Once you purchase a wholesale vendor list from us, we throw in the: 

  • Online Boutique Flawless Launch Checklist
  • Wholesale Vendor Tracker
  • Wholesale Buyer Guide

Go ahead a grab a vendor list while your here for 30% off. Use Code: OBC30

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