Best Boutique Business Name Ideas

Yay! You have made the decision to open your very own online boutique store. But wait....What are you going to name it?

Name it whatever the heck you want! There is no limits on a business name that you love! There are tips to keep in mind when choosing one, but at the end of the day - it can be whatever you want.

The issue is, figuring out the winning name.

Choosing the right business name for your online boutique store is a HUGE part of your brand. Your business name can be general, specific or named after yourself in most cases.

Tip: a general name will allow you to expand and grow your business more than a specific name like "xx shoe store". It would be hard to expand into clothing or other avenues when you get too specific.

The best boutique business names are unique, catchy and memorable. One way you can get creative is by starting with one word (or keywords) that describes the style of your boutique or target market and branch out from there.

Read more about choosing a business name you won't hate here. 

If you are really stuck, here are a few inspiring boutique name ideas to get your wheels turning. Many of the names listed below are still available and the domain hasn't been purchased either. If you do decide to use one, please kindly let us know in the comments or an email and we will remove it from this list. 

The free business name ideas below are for fashion stores.

  • Twinkle Baby Clothing
  • Fashion of Tomorrow
  • Urban Fashion Closet
  • Baddie Clothing Store
  • The Clothing Envy
  • Bombshell Clothing Store
  • Bling Queen Accessories
  • Baby Fashion House
  • The House of Fashion
  • Rustic Fashion Boutique
  • Pretty Little Frames (sunglasses)
  • The Swim Suite
  • UrbMAN Clothing
  • Trendy Fashion House
  • Too Fly Boutique
  • Fashion Diva House
  • Classy Me Boutique
  • The Fashion Envy
  • Baby Clothing House
  • Baby Clothes HQ
  • Curvy Fashion Closet
  • My Fashion Curves
  • Plus Fashion Boutique
  • Haute Girl Clothing
  • Hottie Fashionwear
  • Men E Men Clothing
  • Plus Size Fashion House
  • Sunny Days Eyewear

If you didn't find a name that stuck with you, try combining names or interchanging words like: boutique, online, store, fashion, etc.

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