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Your brand's packaging is a big deal. Starting out, you may roll with cost-efficient basics. To keep people coming back, packaging can indirectly build a connection with customers by offering a good packaging/opening experience.
Basic packaging gets the job done, but there are small inexpensive details you can change to keep costs low and customer high. 
List of Inexpensive things you can add a little "umph" to basic packaging: 
  • logo stickers or thank you stickers
  • write a personalized note on a thank you card
  • use color tissue paper or color bubble wrap
  • Make DIY Flyers, hang tags and postcards 
  • Use a dryer sheet to keep products fresh or spritz package with vegan-friendly spray (optional)

You can instantly upgrade your blank packaging for less than $20. Learn more about cutting costs with packaging here.

FREE RESOURCE: Get unlimited free priority and express mail packaging (envelopes, boxes, tape, etc.) from USPS. Click here to get your free supplies

Custom packaging is what makes your brand stand apart from the rest. Don't be discouraged if you aren't able afford a custom packaging experience in the very beginning. You can gradually add custom details as you grow. Start off with what you can do yourself and branch from there. If you want a quick list of custom low-cost packaging vendors, grab our exclusive packaging vendor list for only $10

So what supplies do you need to package your boutique items? 

  • Poly mailers (bubble and non-bubble) - outer packaging to place your products in
  • Cello Bags or Tissue Paper > inner packaging to place your products in
  • Tape (small and large widths) > small - for taping postage labels; large - for boxes
  • Bubble Wrap (if applicable) > for jewelry & other small accessories)
  • Organza Bags (if applicable) > for jewelry & other small accessories)
  • Ribbon (if applicable) > to tie around tissue paper or other 
  • Cardstock Paper > for printing flyers, hang tags, etc.
  • Hangtag Gun (if applicable) > for hanging your brand tags on clothing
  • Scissors. Invest in a quality pair of scissors
  • Postal Service Scale > to weigh products (optional)
  • Postage Label Printer > print out labels automatically on stickers and eliminate need to cut postage out (optional)

Get the full list of packaging supplies you need and some boutique packaging inspiration here

Do what works best for you and your business. Imagine yourself as a potential customer looking on the outside at your brand. How would you feel about the packaging your currently use (or plan to use)? Increase your chances of video shares, photo shares and word-of-mouth shares with custom packaging or packaging that stands out. Make a great first impression to customers that may not know the face behind the brand. This is your chance to show customers you care about them and you care about how your brand is represented. Eventually your packaging efforts will begin to increase your returning customer rate and brand awareness. 

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