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Wholesale Fashion Vendor List - Children

Wholesale Fashion Vendor List - Children

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Are you looking to start a children's boutique or just looking for trustworthy wholesale clothing vendors to add to your already booming business? We got you! Finding a quality baby and kids wholesale vendor can be stressful when trying to find a reputable wholesale company online.

We have researched several vendors and determined the most reliable, fashion-forward manufacturers in America. We included a few manufacturers from the UK and China. This wholesale vendor list for children includes vendors and manufacturers that are used by popular online boutiques you see every day on Instagram. Includes styles for girls and boys.


  • Over 40+ wholesale fashion vendors offering children (baby, kids, tweens, preteens, teens) clothing; links included for all vendors
  • Wholesale Definitions - A list of common terms used in the wholesale world
  • Wholesale Buyer Email Template - Use this template in case you need to contact a supplier via email.
  • How-To Spot Wholesale Supplier Scams PDF
  • Online Boutique Flawless Launch Checklist - An actionable checklist with links and tips to guide you from idea to launch
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